Chicory Ciciria In Miscuglio Mix


A mixture of chicory from the Italian varieties Radicchio and Endive, including Pan di Zucchero, Spadona, Romanesca da Taglio, Cuor d Oro, Riccia Pancalieri, Rosso di Treviso, di Chiggia, Variegata di Lusia, Treviso 4 Tardiva, Rossa Treviso sel Sveltael Rolla Rossa Treviso sel Sveltael Rolla Ross Rossa Agena, Palla Rossa Giusto. Specially selected varieties for growing early baby chicory leaves (3-4 weeks after germination). Sow directly in beds or in containers from early spring to winter and cut when they reach a height of 10-15cm (4-6in.). For continuous harvest sow every 3-4 weeks.


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